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If you are looking for simplicity, absolute control and a more natural way of raising your poultry, ROVA is for you. This all-in-one machine will be able to brood your chicks, walk your chickens and collect your eggs!

We expect a lead time of 2 months for manufacturing ROVA. The shipping time will depend on your location.

We believe in simplicity, it should take no more than half a day for two people to assemble ROVA. Once assembled, follow the steps on the mobile app to get ROVA ready for your chickens.

Yes…& quite easily! Feeder & water-line heights are completely adjustable in height, all using wing nuts.

ROVA’s designed with a double-hinged door located on one of its 4 walls, providing plenty of space for humans to manoeuvre livestock in & out of ROVA with ease. We recommend the use of crates to manage pick-up & drop off logistics within ROVA.

Although surprisingly silent, they’re circumstances where ROVA strategically, purposefully makes noise.  When ROVA prepares & executes a move, a consistent sound is played training birds as an encouragement to get up & get themselves to fresh grass; to ones amaze, it actually works! ROVA makes a sound when the side-flaps open.

ROVA’s solar panel swivels manually if a user desires it.  ROVA is designed with the intention of having its solar panel always face South, and thus its intended movement would be forwards, backwards, left & right, to maintain its orientation at all times; in other words, unlike a car, ROVA does not pull U-turns.

ROVA’s feed auger works with anything – crushed-grain or pellet-form We recommend pellet-form, for the logic that all nutritional value is contained in every pellet; birds have a tendency to sort, otherwise.

To-date, every feed option works, and we have experienced no issues to-date. We recommend NOT putting straight-grain because of the animals’ reduced ability to digest it when it’s not crushed or pelletized; however, this is a limitation of the animal, and not of the feed auger itself