Moving Food Forward

It's not a barn, it's a ROVA.

ROVA brings automation to the small-scale regenerative farmer. It’s traditional, food-raising principles, reimagined with today’s most jaw-dropping technology.

01- Save time

Reduce labor costs, reallocate time to other ventures, & scale your operation with 90% less effort - 5 minutes of labor per ROVA per day.

02- Perfect care

Providing a consistent, controlled, stress-free environment means mortality rate drops, growth rate rises, & farm profit soars.

03- Improving soil

Vegetable gardens, orchards & hopyards all benefit from an automated, sustainable & free soil fertility strategy with livestock integration.

Automated housing & rotational grazing system

100% solar powered
5 days feed & water capacity
Temperature regulation
Predator-prevention & motion sensors
GPS guidance system
Real-time alerts, video & preferences

High-tech pasture farming made easy.​

Different size options
Ships in a crate
Assembles like flat-pack furniture

About us

We’re farmers by background, engineers by trade, & inventors by weekend.