Autonomous Chicken Coop

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How it works?

How it works?

Rova is the first autonomous chickens tractor that makes raising pastured chickens much easier. Either you are looking to raise meat chickens or laying hens - Rova has an attachment to fit your needs.


Rova is designed to be an all-in-one solution. Simply lay your day old chicks in the chicken tractor and the robot will ensure adequate heat, water and feed for proper growth. Once the chickens are ready to lay, a laying attachment will count how many eggs are waiting for pickup.


Once Rova is configured via the app, the onboard computer and GPS will guide the chicken tractor automatically.

Why Rova?

Flexibility, simplicity and time, those are the main reasons we invented Rova. These needs are the next generation's requirements and Rova is here to meet them. Raising your chickens on pasture has never been this easy.

Easily raise 400 chickens per year with just 10 minutes of attention per day.

Available models

Capacity of 15 chickens
Capacity of 50 chickens
Capacity of 100 chickens
Capacity of 200 chickens

Meet the Creators

Ukkö Robotics was started on the idea to simplify the way we farm today using robotics. Daniel Badiou and Katrina Jean-Laflamme both mechanical engineers/farmers are ready to tackle farming challenges and provide you with the best raising experience.

“Let’s bring back the homegrown”

Daniel Badiou - CEO Ukkö Robotics