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Fully Connected, Self-Moving Barns

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Fully Connected, Self-Moving Barns

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Rova brings innovation, efficiency and ethical practices to the farm. It saves you time and effort while
giving you peace of mind knowing that your animals are receiving optimal care and comfort.

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System Monitoring

Control all your operation settings remotely through your mobile device 24/7. Rova will provide you with insights, notifications, and feedback.

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100% Solar Powered

Filling gas tanks is a thing of the past. Rova harvests her energy from the sun to charge her batteries.

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Self Moving

Forget the hard labour. Rova is doing the heavy lifting for you. She moves everyday by herself to provide fresh grass and bedding to your chickens.

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Rova can adapt to different types of farming including broiler chickens and laying hens.

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Gain peace of mind knowing that Rova will keep the predators out with her intelligent skirt around her perimeter.

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Ease of Use

See how easy it is to raise chickens with Rova.

Rova raises some very independent chickens.Rova raises some very independent chickens.

In an industry where time is money, Rova adds both to each and every day by doing most of the work for you.

Focus on other parts of your business while Rova operates a self-sustaining poultry addition to your farm.


100% solar powered.

Up to 5 days without sun.

7 Days of feed and water capacity.

Up to 3 days of egg storage.

GPS guidance system.

Real-time video.

Capacity for up to 200 chickens.

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