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Ukkö Robotics continuously strives to optimize farming practices. Using innovative technologies, traditional pasture-based farming can be transformed to become more accessible and efficient, while ensuring ethical practices and optimal care and comfort for animals.


Raised on a dairy farm, Daniel Badiou developed a remarkable knowledge of agricultural machinery and animal farming from an early age. He continuously strived to learn more about the mechanical operation of agricultural machinery, finding solutions for problems and designing his own multi-purpose machines.

Daniel designed, developed and implemented an autonomous poultry tractor. He tested it on his own poultry farm to better understand the needs of chicken farming and adapt his future machines.

Ukkö Robotics was launched in September 2016 with the goal of using technology to transform the traditional barn, making pasture-based farming more accessible. Partnering with mechanical engineer, Katrina Jean-Laflamme, Ukkö specializes in manufacturing an all-in-one autonomous poultry tractor that falls under the company’s Rova Series.

Rova is providing farmers (and aspiring farmers) around the globe with never before seen flexibility, allowing individuals to raise their animals on pasture while having the same benefits as most high tech barns.


Shiny, happy livestock, moving around...Shiny, happy livestock, moving around...

Ukkö Robotics is committed to positive environmental sustainability. We design and engineer agricultural machinery that requires minimal maintenance, uses renewable energy, and is easy to use. Equipment is solar powered and designed to limit the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Simply put, we embrace a win-win-win strategy by reducing environmental impact, providing optimal care for animals, and decreasing manual labour.

Our mandate is to encourage people to raise their own animals and to support local food producers. We’re here to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture in rural areas as well as urban centres.

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