is connected 24/7.

Be the first to know.


We believe that giving you access to all the data at your fingers tip will make your life easier. Notifications, analytics and live camera views gives you all the info to make the right decision at the right time.


Quickly view your
connected barns.Quickly view your
connected barns.

Whether you have one Rova or multiple, track the data of your barn 24/7 through the mobile application. Your time is valuable; quickly scroll through weather forecasts and all your machines status through the dashboard. Get access to analytics, trends and history by selecting your detail view icon.


Where to move next?Where to move next?

Map out where you want your Rova to go. If you have trees and plants, pin it, and Rova will move around them. With its on-board centimeter-accuracy GPS Rova will do her best to follow the set trajectory.


See everything, anywhere, anytime.See everything, anywhere, anytime.

Keep an eye on your chicks, chickens or hens at any time of day with onboard cameras. Rova will capture special moments so you can show others what you’re up to.


Be the first to know!Be the first to know!

Be notified and reminded if you are out of feed and water or if the battery reserve is low. Rova will tell you how many eggs are waiting for you every day – while keeping you informed of all the gossip.

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