It's not a barn,
It's not a coop, It's a ROVA

The world’s 1st autonomous, self-moving barn for livestock pasture farming.

Nature’s Friend

ROVA’s side flaps & misters are automated & weather-station synced. Whether it’s a heat-wave or an inbound seismic storm, the small-car-weighing coop knows what to do to keep livestock chirpy.

Move With The Times

Once, twice…even four times per day, ROVA crawls forward. From tall grass to uneven terrain, ROVA rolls over small mountains & molehills, inclines equivalent to beginner ski-slopes, with an intelligent, flexible skirt designed to stick flat to the field.

Predatory Peace

Keep the good-animals IN, & the bad-animals OUT. No need for electric fencing; this coop’s got one built-in! When predators be lingerin’, ROVA’s motion-triggered lights be flickerin’.

Materials Matter

Built using galvanized steel, A-grade motors & actuators, with a durable, translucent canvas up top, ROVA provides a perfect balance of protection & exposure to nature’s most nursing elements.

Sizing up

ROVA’s quite modular, with today’s units measuring 200-800 sq. ft. Up to 5 days of feed & water storage means no more weekend animal-chores! ROVA ships in a compact crate, assembles like flap-pack furniture, & is highway-towable. 


From tarps, to covers, to brooders, nesters, feeders, & electric-fencers, ROVA’s the all-in-one livestock raising experience.

Mobile App

From real-time alerts to live-stream video, never again wonder “how my chickens are doing”. Set daily move frequency, get notified of pesky predators, & have emergency phone calls triggered for low-water levels. Know when something needs doing. ROVA & its multiple sensors give farmers peace & livestock joy.

Technical Specifications

Select your model:

  • ROVA200
  • ROVA400
  • ROVA700

Starting at $24,000 CAD

100-150 chickens capacity

Starting at $32,000 CAD

200-300 chickens capacity

Starting at $48,000 CAD

350-550 chickens capacity

The ROI of Automation

90% less time on “chicken chores” drives a positive return-on-investment for all types of farmers.

  • 90% less time on “chicken chores” drives a positive return-on-investment for all types of farmers.
  • Less employees, fewer salaries
  • Reallocate time to other ventures 
  • Scale livestock production with less resources
  • Avoid labor burnout, benefitting from 1-2 additional batches /year

…and the production-level benefits that automation & premium pasture housing can bring…

  • Improve livestock growth rate
  • Reduce livestock mortality
  • Extend the growing season