The quality of food is important to our future

If the best & most natural farm practices are the hardest to follow, ROVA exists to make it easier.

About Ukkö Robotics

Ukkö Robotics is a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based process technology company developing connected farm equipment for the global agricultural industry. We operate at the intersection of agriculture, robotics and clean technology, providing farmers with the health and environmental benefits of pasture farming, with the productivity and efficiency seen with today’s only most high-tech barns. Our flagship-product ‘ROVA’ is the first completely autonomous, self-morning barn the world has ever seen.

Our Story

Our story starts from humble beginnings, on a 3rd-generation dairy-farm in the flattest fields of the Canadian Prairies. Only 1 decade back, 40 head of cattle & a handful of chicken really was a full-time job! Tinkerer-Dan left his countless inventions behind & attended Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in Montreal where he & Katrina first met. When they came back from university – they decided to start raising chickens but wanted to do it differently, they wanted flexibility all the while raising their chickens in as much of natural environment as possible – ROVA was born.

They’d raised chickens before, but this time, Dan pleaded with the family it was going to be different. What started as a side-project in “Dad’s Shop” in 2015 transformed across new prototypes each & every summer since. What inspires us to succeed is not so much our story, but the stories of the regenerative farmers we work with. There’s so many passionate people working incredibly hard to raise the most ethical, sustainable, highest quality meat to move the needle of agriculture; it’s now our job to help them scale up.

The Team

We’re a team of makers, thinkers and farmers. We approach regenerative farming with innovation and technology, using what we learn to create easy to use products that give farmers flexibility and peace of mind.

Daniel Badiou


Daniel is a thinker, a builder and a visionary. Since his young age, he always wanted to make things better at the family farm. When you don’t see him in front of his computer, he is in the shop making a side project. Now let’s get back to work.

Katrina Jean-Laflamme


Never misses an opportunity to laugh, Katrina enjoys both farming and design. She does not hesitate to contribute to a brainstorm about anything and everything. If you see a photo of an alpaca, it probably belongs to her.


Let’s be proud of where our food comes from. Let’s build the future of food together.